Regional House of Chiefs

Volta Regional House of Chiefs holds general meeting

Ho, Dec 18, 2009 GNA - Chiefs, who constitute the membership of Traditional Councils in the Volta region are not necessarily traditionally subservient to the presidents of those councils. 


Those councils were created largely for administrative convenience.


Togbe Afede XIV, President of the Volta Region House of Chiefs gave the explanation at the general meeting of the House on Thursday, which also formally admitted Osie Adza Tekpor the VII into the House, as one of its permanent members.


He said his position as the President of the Asogli Traditional Council for example, did not mean that chiefs of traditional areas, which make up that Council, are his sub-Chiefs instead they are "Fiagawo" in their traditional areas.


Togbe Afede said those councils, like the Regional House of Chiefs, were expected to bring the collective wisdoms and expertise of their members towards meeting the development aspirations of their respective traditional areas and the Volta Region as a whole.


He acknowledged the sense of unity, which continues to characterize the work of those traditional councils and the Regional House of Chiefs.


Togbe Afede hoped that, with the sense of unity of purpose among chiefs in the region, the area would experience rapid transformation within a short time.


He called on chiefs in the region to act within the existing laws governing the chieftaincy institutions, pending the review of those laws.


Mr Justice Anthony K. Abada, Supervising High Court Judge in the Volta region urged chiefs to appreciate the importance of their institution and protect its nobility.


He said it was for that reason, that the 1992 Constitutioninsulated the Chieftaincy Institution against political and any other forms of interference not even from the Courts unless the institution over-steps its bounds.


He advised chiefs in the region to respect their collective leaderships at all levels "because if you respect your leaders the respect rubs on you".


Source: GNA - Ghana News Agency
Regional News | Sat, 19 Dec 2009

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Togbe Afede re-elected as President of Volta Region House of Chiefs

Ho, Nov. 9, GNA- Volta Regional House of Chiefs on Thursday re-elected Togbe Afede XIV, Agbogbomefia of Asogli State as President of the House for a second four-year term.

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