Togbe Afede XIV, the Investment Banker

Togbe Afede XIV is the founder of the SAS Group of companies and provides overall strategic direction to the businesses. He has over 18 years of experience in investment banking, having co-founded Databank Financial Services Ltd in 1990. Togbe has played a critical role in the development of Ghana's capital markets, including developing and publishing the first ever stock market indices in 1991.

Strategic African Securities (SAS) was incorporated in Ghana in 1994. SAS is an integrated investment banking and financial advisory services firm, with a commitment to providing quality service to private and institutional investors in Ghana and other emerging markets.


SAS's core business activities are securities trading, investment management, corporate finance and investment research. The firm provides a full range of financial intermediary services which include:


  • Managing individual and pooled funds.
  • Providing expertly managed portfolios that meet clients' objectives for risk, reward, diversification, and maturity. Aiding institutional and individual investors to take well-researched positions in profitable investment opportunities.
  • Facilitating private sector participation in the Government's privatization programme.
  • Channelling long-term capital towards identified growth companies.
  • Promoting capital flow to the most profitable and productive sectors in the economy.
  • Contributing to effective money and capital market intermediation in Ghana and other emerging markets.


Togbe's contributions to the development of the bond market in Ghana include initiating and leading the design and placement of the SSNIT Educational Notes in 2000, the first of its kind. Togbe also started a national debate in 2003 on interest rate policy which resulted in better alignment of Bank of Ghana's inflation expectations and interest rates, and the subsequent lowering of interest rates and establishment of a normal yield curve.


The President appointed him to the board of the Bank of Ghana in recognition of his contributions.

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In 1989 he returned to Ghana, accepting an appointment as a lecturer at the School of Administration, University of Ghana. He taught Financial Accounting (BSc) and Accounting Theory (MBA) until 1994. During that time he co-founded Databank Financial Services, Ltd.

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