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In 1989 he returned to Ghana, accepting an appointment as a lecturer at the School of Administration, University of Ghana. He taught Financial Accounting (BSc) and Accounting Theory (MBA) until 1994. During that time he co-founded Databank Financial Services, Ltd.

At the end of 1993 he left Databank and founded Strategic African Securities (SAS), also a stock brokerage firm. Togbe is currently the CEO of Strategic Initiatives Ltd., a private equity and portfolio investment firm that he founded in 1999.


Togbe is a member of the board of directors of the following organizations:

  • Aluworks Ltd., an aluminum rolling mill
  • Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club Ltd., Ghana's premier football club
  • Bank of Ghana, Ghana's central bank
  • Navigator Communications & Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Pioneer Kitchenware Ltd. (Chairman), an aluminum hollowware manufacturer
  • SAS Finance Group Ltd., an investment banking firm
  • SAS Investment Management Ltd., an asset management firm
  • Strategic Initiatives Ltd. (Chairman), a portfolio and private equity investment firm
  • Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Ltd., an independent power generating company


He is also the founder of Navigator Communications & Technology Co., Ltd. and co-founder of Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Ltd.
Sunon Asogli Power aims to mitigate the tension in power supply in Ghana and is building a 560MW gas-steam combined cycle power generation plant in Kpone, Ghana.



Togbe's outlook is influenced by a set of beliefs. Among them is his belief that success should be measured not only by the level one has attained, but also by the obstacles one had to overcome while trying to succeed. He sees difficulties as part of life. To him, a new obstacle is only another challenge, and a life that is not tested is not worth living. 
Togbe has a positive attitude. In the conduct of his business, therefore, his focus is on the opportunities, not the difficulties. He believes that success requires hard work, imagination, honesty, altruism, and absolute commitment to one's chosen career.



Togbe also believes that one is not successful until society has benefited from his success. He is therefore happy to share what he has with his community.

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Togbe Afede XIV, the Investment Banker

Togbe Afede XIV is the founder of the SAS Group of companies and provides overall strategic direction to the businesses. He has over 18 years of experience in investment banking, having co-founded Databank Financial Services Ltd in 1990. Togbe has played a critical role in the development of Ghana's capital markets, including developing and publishing the first ever stock market indices in 1991.

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